F e s t i v a l   A u d i t i o n s  f o r  s c h o o l  a g e  s t u d e n t s

Saturday, February 3rd

Pequot Library, 720 Pequot Ave, Southport CT

Adjudicated Auditions
The purpose of the Ct Guitar Festival adjudicated audiitons is to provide a noncompetitive performance environment for students of public school age. 

Students benefit by hearing other students of the same level perform, while practicing their performance skills by preparing two pieces from the Suzuki Book or other suggested repertoire.   These performances are adjudicated by two professionals who give written comments and a rating (1-5 points) on the students’ performances. Each guitarist will receive  a certificate according to their achievement rating.  These scores will be mailed to the student’s guitar instructor who can review the comments and scores with students. 

Music For Youth Master class selection.  

4 students will be selected from the advanced session to perform at the Saturday Music For Youth master class with Jiji after her performance at 3 pm.  

10:00am to 11:00am   Primary ​Level

equivalent to Suzuki Book 1, Lightly Row through Meadow Minuet

Melody pieces in first or second position
Keys of G, D, A
May have sparse open string bass note accompaniment

10:00am to 11:00am   Secondary  Level

equivalent to Suzuki Book 2-3, Long Long Ago through Celeste y Blanco

Melody pieces in first, second, fifth, or seventh position
Keys of G, D, A, A minor, E minor
Open string or fretted note bass note accompaniment, two note chords


11:00am to 12:15pm  Intermediate  Level 

equivalent to Suzuki Book 4, Siciliana through Variations on La Folia

First, second, fifth, or seventh position
Keys of G, D, A, A minor, E minor, D minor
Limited counterpoint, some ornamentation
Arpeggio pieces (ie. Allegro by Giuliani)
Integrated melody and bass/chordal accompaniment, 2-4 note chords


11:00am to 12:15pm  Advanced Level 

equivalent to Suzuki Book 5 and beyond

R e p e r t o i r e    G u i d e l i n e s

A d j u t i c a t o r s